Taking Care of Your Toes and Feet

Three Reasons To Schedule A Podiatrist Appointment Before Your Child Starts Autumn Sports

The hot days of summer are almost over in Australia, and autumn means the return of many outdoor sports such as soccer and hockey. If you are a parent who is interested in enrolling your child to play soccer this year, there are several things you need to do to protect them during sports play. A mouthguard and shin guards will protect your child's body, but have you considered how to protect their feet? A visit to the podiatrist before sports play begins is a vital way you can protect your child from harm, and here are three reasons why.

Foot Examination

Most parents do little more than give their child's feet a cursory glance at bathtime unless their child is complaining about pain in that area. Therefore, ingrown toenails, bunions and inward or outward pointing toes are not always noticed straight away. By booking an appointment with a podiatrist to have your child's feet examined, you can ensure that any potential problems which could become aggravated by sports play are found. The sooner they are found, the sooner rectification of the issue can begin.

Shoe Fitting Assistance

When it comes to buying the right soccer shoe, it is vital you get the right fit for the job. A poorly fitting shoe will offer minimal ankle support, could squash your child's toes and cause deformities or could simply be uncomfortable to play in. While a sports shop has experience in fitting a shoe, a podiatrist can examines the child's foot carefully and advise you on what type of shoe will work best. For example, your child may need a soccer shoe with extra arch support if they have flat feet, as arch support helps provide stability and balance whilst your child runs.

Baseline Measurement

Finally, by visiting a podiatrist before your child begins their sport play, you then have a baseline measurement of your child's foot health before soccer season begins. This baseline means that if your child suffers a foot injury during the season or if you suspect that there is an overuse issue occurring in their feet, then you can return to the podiatrist to discuss the current situation and seek a remedy. A baseline means your podiatrist can more quickly notice any adverse changes taking place.

Podiatrists do get busy once sports season begins, so take the time now to have an initial visit with them so that you are confident your child's chance of foot pain during soccer season is minimized.