Taking Care of Your Toes and Feet

3 Causes of Foot Pain and Why Timely Help From a Podiatrist Is Critical

Everyone relies on their feet to walk, run, exercise, and stand. However, over time, your feet can get stressed out due to these activities, causing foot pain. This foot problem occurs when the foot joints, bones, nerves, ligaments, and muscles are under too much pressure and can't function well. This makes your daily life uncomfortable, and you need professional help to reduce the pressure on the feet. To deal with foot pain, it's essential to know what causes the problem and how a foot doctor, also known as a podiatrist, could help. Here are the three main causes of foot pain and perhaps how a podiatrist could help treat it.


One key thing foot experts recommend is that you wear comfortable shoes throughout. However, some people ignore this and wear tight shoes, thinking that they will look fashionable. Such footwear puts pressure on the toes and squeezes them, causing bunions. If you have developed this condition, painful bumps will form near the big toe's joint, and you will find it difficult to walk. However, you can avoid such problems by wearing loose-fitting shoes. But if you already have bunions, consult with a podiatrist right away so they can treat it.


Another condition, which causes foot pain, is osteoarthritis or 'wear-tear' arthritis. The condition occurs when the cartilage that covers the bones gets damaged or wears down, something that leads bone-to-bone contact. This leads to toe pain, joint stiffness and swelling or enlargement on the toe joint area. To manage the pain, you will need to get shoes that fit well, take painkillers and ice the feet for a few minutes every day.

If these simple remedies don't ease the pain, you will have to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist. The foot experts provide the right medication for the inflammatory symptoms. They may give you an orthotic insert or design special shoes for you to ease the condition. If the problem deteriorates and non-invasive treatment doesn't work, the podiatrist will perform surgery to lessen the pain and enhance motion.

Weight Gain

Your body undergoes so many changes as you grow old, and one of them is weight gain. Since your feet are meant to carry the entire body's weight, they will be more stressed when you become heavier, causing foot pain. Working out every day or several times a week and improving your eating habits can reduce the pain. But if your efforts don't yield excellent results, you should consult a podiatrist for a detailed assessment and treatment.

When you have foot pain, you will struggle to walk, stand or even exercise, affecting your quality of life. So, once you experience foot pain, whether it's caused by osteoarthritis, bunions or weight gain, you should see a podiatrist to get the best treatment. Remember, the approach they use will vary depending on the cause of foot pain.